Mahaveer Baal Sanskar

Place for Sprituality, Place for Peace About This Temple

This Temple is dedicated to 24th tirthankar Bhagwan Mahaveer and Hosts a 21 feet high statue of bhagwan mahaveer. construction of this temple statred in 1980 and The Panchkalyanak Pritishtha happed in Feb 2009 by the Achraya Ratan Shri Vishudh Sagar Ji Maharaj

The temple Has the Big Hall where devotees Perform their Daily poojan On the Second Floor thier is samavsaran temple, and Proposed Chabusi is also to be build on second floor

24th Tirthankar Lord Mahaveera

Mulnayak Pritama, made of red stone of jaipur, Panchkalyanak Pritishtha was done by Acharya Ratna Vishudh Sagar Ji Maharaj