Mahaveer Baal Sanskar

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Background Bhagwan Mahaveer Bal Sanskar Kendra was started under the guidance of Lt. Shri Magan Lal Goyal with just 60 Students. At that time there were only three schools in the Tikamgarh with Hindi as a medium of instruction. There were many challenges before a young inexperienced management team of the school. But, with the passes of time, encouragement and support of the parents, the students and the staff, the missionary sprit of the young team at the helm of affairs of the institution, prevailed. The school strength grew over the years. From a humble beginning in year 1983 with just 60 student, today it boasts to 1000+ students in all the classes. We owe our progress to the patronage extended to us by the parents of our students. We have been conscious of the trust reposed in us by them to impart quality education to their wards. We are also grateful for the co-operation extended to us by them to fulfill our tasks and meet our commitments towards our students.

Message form Chairperson

The core aim of education is to provide young kids with a learning environment which brings out the best in them. We believe that every child is blessed with a unique set of characteristics and capabilities, which need to be cultivated so that they blossom. BMBSK is a type of Institutions, with over 40 years of excellence in education has always aimed at providing the best quality education. It has created benchmarks of finest education and is committed to providing a progressive education system. We aim to develop a future generation that takes pride in our heritage and culture, and also turn into excellent professionals and achievers. It is with this aim of offering brilliance to our students that we at BMBKS have established to provides a free environment to young kids wherein they can grow, learn and practice to their potential, imbibing in them the cultural benevolence, exploring latent talent and developing a strong respect for our Culture & Nation. From recruiting highly skilled teachers to offering the best educational programmes, great care is taken to assure that the students get nothing short of the best

Message form Principal

A school is a place entangling learning and joy, combining knowledge and lessons of life for an enriched tomorrow….. Education must aim on aspects, which contribute to the development of the young minds as they step into the contemporary world. Our endeavour has been to establish an atmosphere that fosters creativity and inculcate the spirit of learning in young exploring step-ins. We are here for not only monitoring the students but to inculcate in the impressible minds the priceless ethics of dignity, honesty, compassion, fraternity, and patriotism. Ever since its inception in 1983 , BMBKS IS A TYPE Of Institutions, has been consistently scaling coveted heights of glory. Imparting education for us is not just a technique or a way; but we believe in collaborative learning, strong relationship and building capacity among our children to allow them to carve their own niche in the world of future. Our motto is to provide a genre by giving the environment where the children can blossom with their utmost potential, knowledge and inquisition in the most magnificent & creative way. We at Step Up School are confident that armed with such inner strengths, our Step-ins will stay firmly rooted in cultural ethos and will continue to give themselves loftier goals. We are committed for the enlightenment and all round development of our students.